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Our Story

At Forest Books & Crafts, we are passionate about bringing a bookshop back into the Coleford community. We provide a wide selection of books for adults and children, as well as handmade local crafts and crafting kits.  

Tina's Story

In 2017, I lost my dad suddenly due to an aneurysm. The shock of his passing was followed by a series of losses, including close friends and family. Amidst these trials, I found the strength to support my family. In 2020, my mother's peaceful passing brought a mix of grief and relief. The subsequent challenges, including work-related stress and more losses, pushed me to my limit. In 2021, a spark of inspiration led me to open a bookshop, a venture born from the desire to embrace life's opportunities. This journey reminds me that life is fleeting, urging us to pursue our dreams despite hardships.


Hi I'm Tina. I opened the shop in July 2022 after doing the same job for the past 33 years!  I love listening to music, being in the forest and learning about how to become a better person and live a life I love. 

Favourite Book:

Working With the Law

Dr Raymond Holliwell


Hello I'm Dave.  I moved to Coleford from West Sussex in 1979.  I worked in a factory for 37 years and now I help Tina in the shop.  I love classic cars and enjoy listening to music, and playing synthesizers and drums.

Favourite Book:


George Orwell

Meet the team:

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