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  • Uncle George's Golden Days
  • Uncle George's Golden Days

Uncle George's Golden Days

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This latest instalment of the Forest Series (which began with Just Around the Corner and followed on with Just Across the Fields and Just Over Yonder) has as its central character the author’s larger-than-life subject: Uncle George.

Uncle George, as the local baker, was at the core of his community and held decided views on any and every subject which came to his notice, views which he was already to express in trenchant terms, not only to his two cronies, Reuben and Colonel, but to anyone else whose hear he could attract.

As bold in his deeds as with his words, Uncle George was seldom far from the storm centre of any disputes that arose in the village – indeed, he was not infrequently the source of them!

George was enthusiastic about many things, though his bakery, passed down to him from his father, was not among them. Cider-making and, above all, his smallholding (including his much-beloved pigs) were his real passions. The story herein sees George sell his bakery and buy the adjoining piece of land upon which he has long had his eye …

  • Humphrey Phelps

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