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  • The Twelve Houses
  • The Twelve Houses

The Twelve Houses

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A birth chart consists of three basic ingredients. Simply put, the planets show what is happening, the signs show how it is happening, and the houses of the horoscope describe where it is happening. In The Twelve Houses, acclaimed astrologer Howard Sasportas explores in detail the experiences and situations associated with each of the houses, describing not only their tangible associations but also the more subtle meanings of each of the different spheres of life. Both spiritual and psychological in his approach, Howard Sasportas remains one of the most influential and best-loved astrologers of recent times. The Twelve Houses is a pioneering volume, recognized as the definitive work on the astrological houses and a favourite among students and professionals alike. It is an essential addition to every astrologer’s library. This revised edition contains a new foreword by Liz Greene and tribute essays to Howard Sasportas from leading astrologers Darby Costello, Melanie Reinhart, Erin Sullivan and Laura Boomer-Trent.

Howard Sasportas (1948-1992) was an award-winning American Astrologer with a master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology. In 1983, he co-founded the Centre for Psychological Astrology with Liz Greene. He also wrote The Gods of Change, co-authored The Sun Sign Career Guide with Robert G. Walker and, with Liz Greene, produced four volumes of seminars in psychological astrology.

  • Howard Sasportas

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