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  • The Grief Forest
  • The Grief Forest

The Grief Forest

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What if a gift lived inside grief? When Bunny’s father dies, she captures her grief in a bubble the colour of his soul. She carries this grief with her, afraid that if she lets it go, she will lose her daddy. Bunny’s grief leads her to the Grief Forest and Grandmother Bunny, who meets her at the Forest’s edge. Bunny is afraid of all the grief she sees there, so she runs away and meets Death, who guides her deeper into the Forest. Each animal she meets expresses an aspect of grief. As Bunny’s grief begins to take on a life of its own, she becomes desperate to hold onto it, afraid of who she would be without it. She travels deeper into the Forest, meeting creatures of the sea and the night. When she meets Cobra, everything she thought she knew about grief falls away, and she has to make a choice: hold on to a life that has gone, or learn how to be alive in a new environment.

For children and adults alike, The Grief Forest is a journey through complicated grieving-showing examples of delayed grief, absent grief, PTSD, attachment, disenfranchised grief and many more. Bereavement is a place. When we grieve, we enter this mysterious world, and when we leave it, we are forever changed. By meeting our grief, sitting quietly with it and listening to it, we can access its deeper wisdom, helping to heal not only the griever, but the whole world.

Laraine Herring holds an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Counselling Psychology. She has worked extensively with bereaved children and families.

  • Laraine Herring

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