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  • Forest School - For Grown-ups
  • Forest School - For Grown-ups

Forest School - For Grown-ups

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Have you always wanted to know how to start a campfire, forage for (the right) fungi, or know how to tie a good knot? Or would you like to expand your horizons by building a dry stone wall, fashioning a bow and arrow, or beachcombing for shells? Forest schools for kids originated in Scandinavia and quickly became established around the world. But why should kids have all the fun? Connecting with green spaces, trees and plants can lift our spirits, improve stress and relax our brains – playing outside is good for everyone. Forest School for Grown Ups shows you can learn new skills and practise forgotten ones, such as whittling utensils and carving sculptures, smoking game or building a bird box, using a divining rod, or simply just climbing trees. It is the perfect resource for anyone wanting to enjoy quality time outdoors.

  • Richard Irvine

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