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  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

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Did Michael Jackson fake his own death in a bid to escape financial ruin or was he murdered?
Was it aliens that helped to build the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid and what were they trying to cover up?
Is the food industry colluding to make us addicted to sugar?

You’ll discover startling evidence on these topics and many more in this compelling compendium of the world’s scariest and wackiest conspiracy theories. It leaves no stone unturned as it delves into such conundrums as:

The mysterious circumstances of Bruce Lee’s death

The alleged withheld evidence pertaining to the 7/7 bombings

The controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s rise to power

The unsolved disappearance of Flight MH370

Whether you’re a sceptic or a self-confessed conspiracy junkie, you’ll find a cover-up for every occasion. And remember: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you …

  • Jamie King

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